Ocean Gymnastics

If you would like to join our club, contact Francis. His email address is francisnorman1@gmail.com


You need to send Francis a letter in an email that answers the questions below: deciding whether and when we offer you a place is quite complicated and the information below will help to decide about you joining us:

1. Your name

2. Your address

3. How old you are

4. What school you go to and what year group you are in

5. Any gymnastics that you can do. We are always interested to hear about what you have achieved.

6. Will you be coming to ALL of our training sessions?

7. Will you be attending ALL of our displays, competitions and contests? (Note that parents always bring children to the events)

8. Why do want to do tumbling and display gymnastics and what are you hoping to achieve?

We do have quite a long waiting list. You might be offered a 'fast-track' entry to our club if your answers to the above questions suggest that 'fast-track' is warrented. If you leave any questions out then you won't be offered the 'fast-track' entry.

When it's your 'time' we will let you train with us for a few sessions and it's up to you to show us what you can do. If you look good to us, we will let you stay. LOOKING GOOD IS ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE, HOW HARD YOU WORK, WHETHER YOU MISS ANY SESSIONS. It's not about how high a level you achieve. So ... if you learn quite slowly or you find gymnastics hard to do or you are disabled in some way -- you could be one of our top gymnasts. It's all about attitude.


We are a very demanding club. If you join us, you need to be really dedicated. You need to attend as many sessions as you can when we train (Sundays).


We don't provide for gymnasts who don't compete for our club.


We will usually let you take part in our events even if you haven't learnt many skills yet. In return, we expect you to be available for our events when we offer. If you don't accept a place in one of our events when we offer, you probably won't get another offer.



We try to make sure that you have just as good a chance to be as good as everyone else. If you are keen, if you come to all of our sessions and if you manage to attend EVERY event then we will do our best for you. You need to take advantage of our training. Whether you learn to tumble or not is down to you. It's a question of listening to your coaches very carefully and managing to do what they say. You need to come to all of the sessions and not miss any practice time. You need to work very hard.

We prepare group displays. We will let you join our display team really soon. We want everyone to get into the display team as soon as possible.





Paying Fees

To be a member of our club, when Francis has agreed to let your join, you first need to join British Gymnastics. Please go to the British Gymnastics website, register as a bronze member, put tumbling as the primary discipline and name us as your primary club.


THE GYM LESSON FEES - These £10 for the Sunday sessions.

These fees cover:

i) The hire of the gym which we use, which is a substantial figure each year.

ii) A contribution towards the cost of my time.

You can pay fees by cash or BACS


Account Number 62834472

Sort Code 40-36-22

Please put your child's name as reference.


Additionally, various fund-raising activities take place from time to time, for equipment etc. This money is used to purchase equipment. The equipment becomes the property of the 'club', which has a committee and a constitution. The committee manages all equipment and retains the 'title' to the equipment. In the event of the club ever closing, the equipment would become the property of the gymnastics association, who would distribute it to other clubs to use. As a parent of one of our gymnasts, if you are interested in joining this committee and helping with the fundraising effort, then please do contact me. Your assistance would be much appreciated.