Ocean Gymnastics


We are a very demanding club. If you join us, you need to be really dedicated. We will let you take part in our events even if you haven't learnt many skills yet. In return, we expect you to be available for our events when we offer. If you don't accept a place in one of our events when we offer, you probably won't get another offer.



1. Train regularly and don't miss any sessions.

2. Take part in all of the activities: Our development training is done partly in Tumble sessions and partly in Display. If don't do both of these you will not be as good as you could be.

3. Our Wednesday and Thursday sessions are Parts II and III of our training sequence that starts on Sunday. If you can't attend the Sunday session then please don't attend the Wednesday and Thursday sessions (except in one of situations).

3. Live to compete - Whenever you get the chance to compete, take that chance. Competition is the way to be the best that you can be.

4. Your hair for sessions needs to be in a bun. If your hair is not in a bun then it mustn't be more than 15cm from the tie. No jewellery is allowed.

5. If you are one of our gymnasts then you must always represent us well. You need to behave really well when you are wearing our uniform.


Remember that you are very important to us and we have great hopes for you. 'Live to compete'. We are always disappointed when a gymnast doesn't do their very best.